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Artifacts and Rituals in Mythodea

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Or: How exactly will this work from 2019?

by Christian Wagner for the Plot & Rules Team


After the ConQuest 2018 we explained in an extensive blog article what happened to the artifacts during the final of the last Mythodea campaign and why this important step was necessary to prepare for the next campaign. Not only have we explained our rules for dealing with „old artifacts“, but we’ve also outlined quite clearly what new rules will be there for new artifacts. Today the promised, and somewhat delayed, information will follow on how artifact creation will take place.

Link to the blog article „Artifacts in the upcoming Mythodea campaign“ (in German):

Creating new artifacts

Those who like to create a new artefact, no matter if it is a completely new idea or if the material of an old artefact should be reused, can do so at one of the three big events: Chroniken of Mythodea, Jenseits der Siegel or ConQuest. The creation of player artifacts on the Settler Cons will not be available until a later date.

This will work as follows:

  1. Visit and, if you haven’t already, register for the artifact tool. Then sign in.
  2. Under the menu item „Neues Artefakt“ you can enter all the necessary information for the artefact request to the artefact team and then send the form.
    1. OT-Bezeichnung: Enter a clear, understandable, descriptive name for the planned artifact here.
    2. Name des Charakters: Which character should create and use the artifact? (If this differs, please include details in the description.)
    3. Veranstaltung: At which event is the creation planned?
    4. Wunscheffekt: Which effects and powers do you wish the artifact to have?
    5. Artefakterschaffung: Which materials (also old artifacts), sacrifices and abilities flow into the creation? How, where and with whom should the process (the artifact ritual) take place?
  3. Next, the Artifact-Team will review your request and give you feedback within the tool. You can view the artifact in your list, view its status, and respond to any queries we may have. You will receive an email notification when new messages arrive.
  4. Once the artifact has been successfully created at an event, the Artifact-Team can add more details to the artifact list. You can also enter information about the message function here again.
  5. As soon as the artifact has been completely coordinated and created, it will be set to „active“ by the team. In the future it will also be possible to generate artifact cards from the artifact tool.

(Note: The Tool will be available in Englisch soon)


In general, all requests for artifact creations should be received by the Artifact-Team no later than 3 weeks before the respective event. For the Chronicle 2019 a shortened deadline applies as an exception. In concrete terms this means:

  • Chronicles 2019: 20 April 2019
  • JdS 2019: 28 May 2019
  • ConQuest 2019: July 8, 2019

Desired effect:

As explained in the blog article linked above, there will be a number of new guidelines for the artifacts of the new campaign. Without taking the fun and excitement out of puzzling about artifact creation, here’s what we can tell you:

  • The creation of harmless artifacts is without any issue. Harmless means:
    • allowing you to have a purely role-playing, but no control effect. (Example: The magic needle with which you can sew particularly well.)
    • have a regular effect that can already be found in the rules… (Example: The fan, which allows the character to create the effect Wind Gust with his own magic power).
  • Especially good are artifacts that are created for a special, clearly defined purpose, have a special effect for it, but are used up afterwards and are only memorabilia. (Example: Sword and Shield to fight Igraina on the last ConQuest)
  • For their effect, artefacts need elemental power. Either they are received by the carrier during each application or they are recharged. Permanent artifacts (which used to be powered by the Mythodea game world) can no longer be created.
  • In general one should orient oneself with the desired effects at the possibilities of the rulebook.

Perform a ritual:

With the new campaign, the rules for performing rituals have also changed. In the course of the last ConQuest, we already tried out some innovations that have grown out of the positive and critical ritual experiences of the mirror world. Among other things, following thing are now new/different:

  • Location: Rituals can no longer be performed at arbitrary locations. Suitable places are defined by the SL and mediated in the game (e.g. by fixed roles).
  • Time: Rituals are only possible at certain times defined by the SL.
  • Components: Suitable material, not only for the creation of artefacts, is urgently needed and strengthens the ritual and its effect. Furthermore, other factors (e.g. wrong place, wrong time) can be compensated.
  • Sacrifice: A sacrifice has a positive effect on the success of the ritual.
  • Unpredictability: Magic rituals are unpredictable. Sometimes there are unforeseen disturbances which can endanger the whole ritual.

All rituals must also be registered at the latest 3 weeks before the respective event via the e-mail address „“. Accordingly, the same deadlines mentioned above apply as for artefact registration.

In this spirit, for a new Mythodea campaign full of mysteries,
secrets, adventures and artifacts!

We are looking forward to it!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: „I own an artifact from the old Mythodea campaign.“

This has no effect anymore! The material can be reused for a new artefact, if necessary also following the effect of the old artefact (depending on SL agreement). Further details see blog article:

Question: „My artifact is already „confirmed new campaign“ or has been confirmed.“

However, please use the „Create new artifacts“ process described above to register it in the artifact tool. Then write us all details (also contact person or SL), so that we can check it and activate it if necessary. Artifacts that have not been entered in this tool cannot be used at the events, even if they are up to date with the new campaign.

Question: „I want to create an artifact at a forthcoming Con.“

Please follow the process „Create new artifacts“ described above and use the artifact tool.

Question: „I would like to perform a ritual.“

Please send us an email to „“. Further information can be found in the section „Performing a Ritual“.

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