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Piraten-Abenteuer Zülpich, Friday, 23.08.2019

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First day at a festival of freedom

This time I‘ve decided to write in English, because the Piraten-Abenteuer Zülpich was visitied by so many interesting participants from all over Europe that English has to be the first choice to report about that awesome festival. All the happenings and sightseeing outside the festival but still belonging to this weekend I will write in a separate Blognews….

Arriving Friday afternoon at 5.30 pm I was surprised to have no trouble to find a parking lot in the middle of Zülpich. Having to walk some metres (and paying just a 50 cents fee) there were no crowds at the entrance, only Marines of the „Royal Navy“ to search us for weapons and immunition. By showing them my camera (which I was allowed to take in, as requested earlier) they let us pass. My hubby accompanied me this time to see where and with whom I would spend that piratish weekend and of course to listen to the great music (in the first place – he knows that we‘re fine with the festivals I choose)

At 6. pm MacCabe & Kanaka started their Concert at the Festungsbühne, a small area inbetween the high walls of the Weiertor. Almost a shady place to sit down and enjoy and sing their songs. The Centerstage was not that far away, but in an area where you needed to pay an extra entrance fee. I bought an Early Bird Weekend Ticket via Internet which allowed me to got everywhere, but as we had a long day behind us, we decided to just pay the fee without extras for my husband which was far less expensive and was the right decision for this evening. After the end of the first concert we bought something to eat and looked around the market. It wasn‘t as big as I expected, but decorated in a beautiful way that created a very special atmosphere. Unfortunately a lot of wasps were everywhere to disturb you while drinking or eating. Then the first really big surprise was to come for us. The dutch band Pyrolysis got on the small stage and performed many songs of their new album Daylight is fading. One could see that they really had fun playing, even though the audience wasn‘t that crowded. One hour of awesome folk music with a hurdy gurdy playing guest from France for the last songs. That seemed to be an important point at the Piraten-Abenteuer: a lot of bands shared the stage with guest musicians from the other bands involved.

We joined the Magic Show of Robert Blake and decided to leave early. That meant, that we weren’t able to join the jam session that lasted into the night and must have been very special!

At the hotel we sat outside on the patio and looked through the photos of this day and relaxed. The Lady of the house brought some melons to snack and so we had a wonderful day gone by at Nideggen and Zülpich.

Piraten-Abenteuer Zülpich, MacCabe & Kanaka, Pyrolysis, Robert Blake

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Translieren an einem Smonday MPS Bückeburg 1, 13. und 14. Juli 2019

Sorce byTilia von den Weidenauen – Mittelalt im Mittelalter at

Alle Alarmglocken waren in den letzten Wochen am Läuten, weil so viel passierte, was den Besuch dieses MPS Wochenendes fast unmöglich machte.

Der Alltag war schwierig und es gab gesundheitliche Bedenken. Aber irgendwie hat es dann doch gepasst und so kamen wir nach kurzem Hotelstopp in Minden erst gegen 13 h am Parkplatz an und mussten noch fast 15 Minuten laufen zum Gelände, wo wir uns mit Sohnemann vor dem Mausoleum treffen wollten. Er war auch später als gedacht angereist. Wir schauten uns gemeinsam das Goldmosaik und Gedenkstätte in Ruhe an und waren pünktlich zum ersten Auftritt der ye banished privateers um 14 h an der neuen Piratenbühne. Mein Schatz musste sich ausruhen, aber Sohnemann und ich genossen den Auftritt der Schweden. Endlich wieder MPS Stimmung, hat mir ziemlich gefehlt.

Weiter ging es zum…….. to be continued soon!!!!

MacCabe und Kanaka mit Unterstützung von Ye banished privateers, Schandmaul, Versengold, Harmony Glen, PurPur, Ye banished privateers, Knasterbart

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