Piraten-Abenteuer Zülpich, Saturday, 24.08.2019, Day 2 at a pirate-festival of freedom and fun

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Raise your glas for Libertalia – lever ton verre à Libertalia

We started early into the day and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at our hotel. I was really looking forward to the new festival day and my husband drove me to Zülpich again, where I arrived at 11 h . He then drove to Aachen, where he found great trails for his mountain biking tour.

Arriving at the Festival-Area I met some folks from yesterday and talked with them. Some families already took a look around the market, but everything and everyone seemed kind of sleepy at the beginning. On Friday we received three different colored wristbands for each weekend day as ticket to get permanent access to all areas.

The official Beginning of the program started with firing the canons. This was really noisy and it was difficult to take pictures of this one second of fire and explosion. The second time did not work at all and the crew was busy to secure the canon and to make sure that no unexpected explosion could happen.

This morning Captain Jeremy arrived for entertaining on Saturday and Sunday, also Ye banished privateers were all aboard today, after some of them were already seen (and heard) at the jam session that night before.

Captain Jeremy started his wonderful and funny programm with juggling, magic tricks and lots of fun in front of the Stockbrot (yeast bread on sticks) Bakery.

A lot of people came to join his program and enjoyed it very much. In the meantime Magician Robert Blake got arrested by the Marines and got a trial in the Market area. Unfortunately I did not see how this ended….but he was able to make his shows later that morning …..

My next event was listening to MacCabe & Kanaka for a while. At 2 o‘clock Pyrolysis played at the Festungsbühne, this really was one of the highlights! I started trying to organize some folks for a spontaneous dancing circle. Ralf Winterhoff, the headmaster of it all talked to some of the musicians and Laurens and Tim from Pyrolysis, as well as ‚Yuan Cloudheart‘ agreed to make music. I found some of the MPS dancers and two guys from the market who would dance too. We wanted to invite the audience to join us and after a lot of thinking which dances to play (and when) we found a solution to play at 5.30h.

But before the dancing was supposed to take place I was told to see Libertalia at the Lagerwiese-Stage, playing their set unplugged and it was really awesome! The French Band from Toulouse normally has more members, this time only three of their crew plus another female singer with a beautiful voice were invited to play in Zülpich. And so they called themselves Libertalia Castaways this time. At first it was kind of strange for me to hear Pirate folk songs in French language, but with the voices of the Quartermaster and the Gunner (how they call themselves) it was perfect! And a lot of English songs were also found in their setlist (without french accent by the way). As it is a bit difficult to google them, here is the link to their homepage:


Libertalia Castaways from France

The sun was really hot and I felt kind of dizzy during the afternoon. So I decided not to stay for the night concerts with the Swedish Pirate Armada. That also meant that I wasn‘t going to see the Ye banished privateers this day….they were THE reason for me to go to Zülpich in the first way….

Watching the stunt show of Kvartett was awesome. Then another show of Captain Jeremy followed, where I was able to make some good fotos. And then it was time for dancing. I met with Tim and Laurens from Pyrolysis together with Quentin with his hurdy gurdy. We found two songs to play and dance and we were 6 dancers. Unfortunately there was a soundcheck on the big stage next to the danceplace. It was so hot and we didn’t find any people from the audience to join us. It was really fun, but not that successful as hoped. But I am really thankful to get to know all these great people who joined me!

My husband picked me up and we found a great restaurant nearby where we had a delicious burger. Going back to our hotel in Nideggen, we had an ice-cream to end this special day. It was fantastic to meet all these friendly people from all over Europe and to listen to new bands and music.

Piraten-Abenteuer Zülpich 2019

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